Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport
  • The MDM platform will stop operations by the end of 2023. The Mobilithek is taking over its tasks and functions.

    Please, do not apply for new registrations at the MDM. Please do not install any new data publications or subscriptions on the MDM either. Please use the Mobilithek for this from now on.

    For any questions, please contact: mobilithek@bast.de.

Welcome to the Mobility Data Marketplace

The Mobility Data Marketplace allows – via its Internet service MDM Platform – offering, searching and subscribing to traffic relevant online data, as well as the distribution of online data between data suppliers and data clients. The platform forwards the data supplied by the data suppliers unchanged to the data clients.

Via the features Search, Register and Login you have access to the basic functionality of the platform.

Feature Search
Via the search feature, interested parties and registered users have access to the available information, e.g. offered traffic data, formats, interfaces, conditions etc.. Usually, registered organisations have access to more detailed information than non-registered users.

Feature Register
To be able to use the entire functionality offered by MDM, you have to register your organisation, including a contact person. Furthermore, both the data clients and the data suppliers have to accomplish registration of their technical systems at the MDM platform.

Feature Login
Once you have accomplished registration, clicking Login will establish a secure and authenticated connection of your browser to the MDM platform, giving you access to a full range of services.

Data suppliers can administrate their publications and the associated data supplies by using the features Publications and My Supplies. New supply relations can be established under Create Subscription. Data clients can administrate and configure their subscriptions under My Orders.
All registered users can administrate user accounts, contact person's data and digital certificates under My Organisation.

Detailed information on how to use the MDM platform is available in the MDM User Manual. It is aimed at users who want to use the MDM platform for the publication of traffic data or the use of any such publication.

Legal Framework
Using the platform is subject to the Terms of Use (General terms and conditions), which include regulations regarding a) the obligations and responsibilities of the platform operator, of the data supplier and of the data client b) the copyright as regards the platform contents and c) data privacy laws. The legal relationship between the data supplier and the data client concerning the transfer of data has to be negotiated and set up individually (i.e. via a license or contract).

Safety-related terms and conditions
For the purpose of fast distribution via standard Internet protocols, the MDM platform is accessible as an open platform for human users and technical systems of data suppliers and clients. Security mechanisms serve the purpose of protecting the informational contents of the MDM platform as well as the transmitted online data. For using the essential features, platform users and their technical systems have to authenticate themselves to the platform in a sufficiently secure manner. The authentication process is realised via digital certificates. User data and valuable structural data are encrypted and transmitted via SSL/TLS transport encryption.

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