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Contact Person

Your organisation must designate at least one person as contact.
Other contacts can be registered later in the portal.

General alerts of the operator are sent to all contacts automatically. If your organisation acts as a data supplier, your contact information will be displayed in the portal. Please indicate the exact function of the contact person (for example, technical support, sales). This way, you help other users to immediately contact the right person.
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User Account

Full access to the MDM platform requires a user account, for which each user must apply individually.
The first user can apply for other user accounts in the portal later on.
Please enter an account name and personal email address of the person who administrates your organisation on the MDM portal.

Advice For Registration

Within the registration process, your organisation will be uniquely recorded at the MDM. As an employee of a registered organisation, please ask a responsible colleague to create a user account.

During the registration process, please enter the requested information related to your organisation, a contact person and login (user account). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Please confirm your input by clicking "Save". An ID will be assigned to your organisation and provided immediately on the next page.

An e-mail will be sent to the address given for the user account including a confirmation link. After confirming this account by clicking the link, a user certificate will be issued. This certificate will identify his owner as an authorized MDM user and will enable him to log in. The certificate must be imported into the user's web browser. You will receive this certificate by e-mail in a timely manner. For security reasons, the associated password will be sent by text message separately.

Mobile number for receiving the password text message*:

I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.

In particular I consent to the storage of organisational and personal data for the MDM platform’s operational purposes (T&C § 3 (7)).

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